Work Smarter

Work Smarter

What is a Marketing Partnership?

You know the old adage that time is money, right? Basically, this little kernel of wisdom sums up the entire idea of opportunity cost in one quotable Confucian nugget. It also makes a pretty compelling case for why your business should develop an outsourced marketing partnership to maximize the efforts that help drive your bottom line.

Just think about it. If you’re spending your time doing one thing, you are by definition and by necessity not spending it doing something else. So, what’s the best approach? Do you devote energy and attention to the tasks at which you excel because that’s where you’ll get the most “bang for your buck”? Or are you better served digging deep into something at which you’re not an expert (you know, like marketing), hoping that with your diligent effort you’ll at least be able to drag your competency up to “barely mediocre”?

When it comes to running your business, the answer is clearly the former. The gains you can make by efficiently leveraging your true strengths (i.e. the core competencies that made you want to open your business in the first place) are vastly more important than those you make by nudging the needle on the other things that need to get done.

Obviously, we aren’t suggesting that you ignore those other things at all. Just because your time is better spent focusing on your strengths doesn’t mean that the tasks at which you aren’t as strong lack importance. When it comes to successfully running a business, NOTHING lacks importance. Which is why it makes so much sense to work with strategic marketing partners that can help do the heavy marketing lifting while you turn your attention to other things.

An effective marketing strategy is essential to the growth and viability of your business. It doesn’t matter how exceptional your product or service is if no one knows it exists. If you don’t clearly communicate your value propositions and identify ways to establish a connection with an audience, you better hope for a miracle because that’s basically what you’ll need to stay in business.

Engaging an outsourced marketing partnership is all about taking back some modicum of control over your time and schedule. By choosing to partner with a marketing agency and empowering them to create opportunity for your brand, you are in essence recapturing time in your day that you can use to help you make money.

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