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Creamy Creation

An international leader in cream liqueur development

Crafting a refreshing user experience with modern design.

Working with clients who are leaders in their field is one of the true joys of being an agency. There are so many different kinds of companies with different goals and learning as much about them as we can is always a key part of our process.

Creamy Creation was one of these great clients. They specialize in the development and production of cream liqueurs and have a truly international reputation for excellence in this field. But in such a niche market, even that level of renown can create certain marketing challenges.

For example, through our research it became that clear that a challenge for Creamy Creation’s brand was attracting and converting the right kind of customer – essentially, a B2B audience and NOT B2C customers in search of a bottle of Bailey’s.

With this problem in mind, our team worked to create a refreshed version of the website that modernized the brand and provided an intuitive, measurable user experience that would naturally funnel the right audience through.