Raising the profile of a small firm with big ambitions - and even bigger results.

Founded in 2004, Sandhill Investment Management is a Buffalo, NY-based company that uses the combined talents of its dedicated team of professionals to produce impressive results that rival anything you might find in one of the world’s financial capitals.

With their deep focus on client service, their defined investment model, and their passion for original research, the Sandhill team has steadily grown their assets under management to just over $1 billion.

To help scale their growth even further, Sandhill approached Mr. Smith to help elevate awareness of their firm through the development of a multi-channel marketing strategy paired with a refresh of the brand presentation.

As with any client/partner, our initial challenge was to better understand the team at Sandhill so we could more effectively communicate the entirety of their value proposition in the clearest, most powerful way possible. We learned that given the inherent volatility of the investment field, it was important to Sandhill’s leadership team that any marketing messaging remained firmly rooted in subtlety and elegance. The focus should be on their team, their approach, their commitment to quality and excellence…but not their undeniably impressive results.

Our solution was to create a messaging ecosystem that was rooted in driving consumer desire to find out more and thus discover the powerful results on their own. We focused on the development of short, intriguing headlines designed to pique interest and inspire action.
Apart from the copy aspect of messaging content, Sandhill also wanted to elevate the overall look and feel of the brand to match the sophistication of their clients (and prospective clients) – a group of discriminating, financially successful people with refined tastes and a distaste for anything that lacks appropriate discretion.

Ultimately, we focused on a rich, blue-toned color palette inspired by the existing Sandhill brand and paired with iconic images of the Buffalo skyline to achieve a professional, polished vision and instantly begin the communication of the firm’s commitment to excellence in everything they do.

Mr. Smith was responsible for the overall Brand Strategy, Media Planning, Outdoor/Print Design, Stationery/Collateral Design, and Photography.

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