Creating a sophisticated web presence for multiple audiences.

The world of equestrian sport is a thriving community that attracts a decidedly high-income demographic. As such, it was an absolute imperative that the Palm Beach Masters website was designed with a refined elegance in mind at every turn. Furthermore, the overall web presence had to be flexible enough to seamlessly provide information for a variety of different audiences: spectators, VIP spectators, sponsors, athletes, media, and vendors.

Mr. Smith worked closely with project teams from several stakeholders in the process and was ultimately able to deliver a truly customized website that elevates the Palm Beach Brand to the level it requires while still maintaining a utilitarian backbone.

Particular areas of note for the Palm Beach team were the ability to effectively deliver breaking news in a highly visible way and ensuring that the website would be a functional tool for accurate results reporting. To solve these challenges, the Mr. Smith team respectively developed a custom posting solution that worked within the elegant design structure of the home page and an integrated platform that automates results reporting in real time with a user-friendly design.

Mr. Smith was responsible for the overall Web Identity, UX/UI, Website Design, and Custom Back-End Development.

Marble + Rye

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