Crafting a digital ecosystem that works for stakeholders on all sides.

To many people, the real estate market shines like a glittering diamond of investment appeal. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, things aren’t quite what they appear. Offer Advantage is a company developed to offer a win-win-win scenario to real estate agents, real estate brokerages, and people wanting to sell their home in an expedient fashion for a fair price.

In order to provide value to these three disparate groups, the Offer Advantage team asked Mr. Smith to develop a brand identity, marketing materials, and a website that clearly communicated their respective core value propositions to each appropriate audience.

They also needed the website to function as a versatile sales tool that would allow them to empower their representatives with the appropriate information to close business with new clients. To accomplish this, we developed a custom portal that houses a variety of in-depth sales collateral, adapted their pitch deck to a customer-facing page that clearly explains the value of the program, and focused heavily on UX design with each potential end user in mind.

Mr. Smith was responsible for the overall Brand Identity, Stationery & Collateral Design, UX/UI, Website Design, and Custom Back-End Development.

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