Establishing an overarching brand for a family of companies.

In the age of corporate conglomeration, brand differentiation has become an increasingly important concept. For North American Breweries, a company with a varied portfolio of popular beverage brands, the true challenge is to ensure that the NAB brand is strong enough to sit at the top of the hierarchy so that people understand its position within the marketplace. To help achieve that end, NAB engaged the Mr. Smith team to help them redevelop their website, and by extension, strengthen their brand position.

When they approached the Mr. Smith team, NAB was most concerned with elevating the brand, increasing its awareness (particularly from a talent recruitment perspective), and streamlining the process through which they administer their charitable opportunities. By undergoing a ground-up redevelopment of the site and focusing on these objectives throughout the process, we were able to customize a website solution that helps advance NAB’s business objectives and anchor their brand.

Mr. Smith was responsible for the overall Web Identity, UX/UI, Website Design, and Custom Back-End Development.

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