Creating a curated experience to elevate the brand.

In recent years, Buffalo has enjoyed a resurgence of momentum and one of the key indicators of this progress is the sudden proliferation of new and noteworthy restaurants. As proprietors of the beloved Black Market Food Truck, the team behind Marble + Rye enjoyed a positive reputation, but they knew they needed more to truly set their new brick and mortar restaurant apart from the crowd. They turned to the our team to ensure that their visual brand and identity was reflective of their ethos and consistently presented at every turn – the website, social media, print collateral, and even the interior design of the restaurant itself.

With the extremely detail-oriented approach to both cuisine and cocktails, we knew that it was imperative to develop a photography style that effectively highlighted this mastery of craft. By utilizing this visual language, the Mr. Smith team was able to create a social media strategy that was in line with the core tenets of the brand.

For a new restaurant, it’s imperative that every detail of the brand is on point to create an image of competence and trustworthiness. If people don’t trust that they’ll have a pleasantly memorable experience, then they’re unlikely to break their routine and try something new. As we developed the M+R website, we worked painstakingly to ensure that every element of the site was as refined and user-friendly as the overall restaurant experience.

Mr. Smith was responsible for the overall Brand Identity, Visual Assets, Stationery, Menu, and Interior Design, Website Photography, UX/UI, Website Design & Development.

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