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June 28th, 2018

Mr. Smith: The Cocktail Version

Mr. Smith: The Cocktail Version Top Image


Chrissy Pyne, Creative Director
Mai Tai

Tiki cocktails are often overly sweet. Not this one. The Mai Tai is bright, colorful, and well-balanced. It’s a perfect manifestation of Mrs. Pyne, a woman who wears many hats. Creative director, visual composer, and agency mom, Chrissy balances our team with her genuine personality – the value of which is immeasurable. While a Mai Tai is smooth, remember there’s enough booze in there to put you on your butt if you aren’t careful.


Collin Wittman, Marketing Director
The Last Word

Anyone who’s met Collin will tell you that he’s…interesting. Not interesting in a weird way, but in a familiar way. His sense of humor is so unique that you’re left laughing about his jokes hours after they’re told. For anyone who’s had a Last Word cocktail, it gives off the very same vibe. Gin, fresh lime, and Luxardo are well known ingredients that most novice consumers will know, but add in Green Chartreuse and it’s a party. This mysterious liqueur made by Chartuisian monks has been consumed since the early 1700’s. An immense amount of wisdom, resourcefulness, and expertise is used in its production. That’s Collin.


Rob Dimmer, Principal
Old Fashioned

This was an easy one. The easiest really, because Rob embodies the drink. A no-nonsense, straightforward cocktail with an equally rich history and flavor explains why this drink is best suited for leaders. This well-balanced whiskey drink can change and adapt overtime, but it’s bones remain the same. Just like this classic cocktail, Rob gives our team the best version of himself each day.


Katie McGarrity, Copywriter

Smart, classic, and wildly popular in the industry – the Negroni offers experienced drinkers a different perspective. A little bitter, a little sweet, and just enough booze to enjoy it anywhere. Katie’s writing chops are the lifeblood of the Mr. Smith Marketing Department. Consistency, reliability, and enthusiasm are what each client gets when Katie puts her pen to paper (or fingers to keys). Much like the Negroni, each note makes our team that much better.


Andrew Brown, Web Developer

Being close in proximity to Buffalo, NY isn’t the only thing Andrew has in common with this drink. The Toronto cocktail is not for amateurs. This rye whiskey-based cocktail is anything but average. The same thing can be said for Andy’s web development experience. Fernet Branca is the key ingredient, with bitter, herbal notes that are delicious in an almost addicting way – just like Andrew. He’s a great listener with the memory of an elephant and the impersonation skills of a seasoned stage performer. And just like the Toronto, once you have one sip, you want more.


Jared Threat, Director of Client Services
Punch Bowl

If Jared Threat is in the room, you’re gonna know about it. But that’s not by accident. You’ll know about it because Jared’s personality doesn’t just command the attention of the room, it also somehow makes everyone else the center of attention as well. How can there be that many spotlights shining at once? That’s the magic of Jared. Everyone gathers around him to have a good time, just like a big old bowl of punch.


Devin Jeffery, UX/UI Designer
The Aviation

This Prohibition-era cocktail is a perfect representation of Devin. Smooth, sweet, and assertive, this martini riff sums up the very best qualities in Devin. The taste is probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. And the same can be said for the design and functionality of the websites Devin is known to create. The Aviation cocktail is best served neat in an ice-cold glass on a hot summer day, helping you beat back the sweat and stay cool. That’s Devin. He’s as cool as Peyton Manning in the fourth quarter when we’re up against a deadline, and it’s one of the many reasons he thrives in his role at the agency.


Renée Helda, Art Director
Paper Plane

This sweet, yet complex bourbon drink has the elements to make any mouth salivate. The same can be said for Renee’s design work. She brings ideas to life with beautiful hand drawn art and constantly puts her best hand forward, crafting images that leave clients and customers speechless time and time again. She’s Mr. Smith’s Wonder Woman, no doubt.


Caleb Houseknecht, Digital Marketing Manager
Irish Coffee

This classic drink can be served at any point during a meal and anytime during the year. Built with raw sugar syrup, distilled irish whiskey, cream, and a full-bodied coffee; an Irish Coffee always promises the right start or end to your day. Caleb is the newest member of Mr. Smith, but he’s already asserted himself as the gorilla glue for the team. A great writer and thinker, Caleb shows that he cares for the team just as much as the client. He’s a shoulder when you need someone to lean on – your caffeine when you need a pick-me-up. Any team would be lucky to have “mucker” like Caleb.