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December 20th, 2019

Merry Smithmas 2019

Merry Smithmas 2019 Top Image

Mr. Smith’s Christmas Photoshoot: A Behind the Scenes Look

Annual Christmas cards are all about coordinating matching outfits and settling in front of a perfect holiday-themed background. But that’s not how we do it. When Mr. Smith puts together a holiday photoshoot, we ask ourselves one question: How weird can we get? 

Last year, we blessed everyone’s timeline with a gothic Christmas. And the year before that, our team posed with a fruitcake. For 2019, we wanted to go big – literally. 

About two months ago, our Art Director, Renee Helda, had an image in her head of a huge, creepy team photo and wanted to recreate it. The only problem was that we’re only a team of 10 people. 

Until we became a team of 30…

A quick look at the process.

Throughout the two-hour photoshoot, everyone on our team changed into three different outfits to look like three different Mr. Smith employees. Our photographer Ryan Delmar then took three different group shots of our 10-person team and Renee merged these photos together later on.

Before the shoot, each of our three personas had an assigned spot for each photo. Ryan tethered his camera to our office monitor so everyone could see the live view. Once the first photo was taken, he casted that same image on the monitor and overlaid a live view of the second shot. That way, we each knew where to stand without covering someone’s body from the first image. 

After the shoot, Ryan selected the best three photos and Renee layered them on top of each other. After a few hours of editing, Mr. Smith’s 2019 Christmas card was complete.

Oh, and here are some individual shots we set up in our studio: