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October 23rd, 2019

Ep. 1: What Is Brand Loyalty?

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Shampoo, guitars, lipstick. We may or may not use these products every day, but does that have anything to do with how loyal we remain to the brand?

Google says brand loyalty is “the tendency of some consumers to continue buying the same brand of goods rather than competing brands.” But in 40 minutes, we realized this term isn’t so easy to define. 

On this episode: Tom Burtless, Co-host and Senior Developer / Jared Threat, Co-host and Client Services Director / Rob Dimmer, Guest and Founder & Principal / Gabriela Julia, Guest and Content Specialist

On this episode, we’ll look at what brand loyalty means, why we can’t turn away from our favorites, and at what point we’d walk away from the products we love so much.

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