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October 16th, 2019

Ep. 0: Welcome to Smithereens

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Welcome to Smithereens, a podcast by Buffalo, NY creatives talking about great big ideas in tiny little pieces. Our team at Mr. Smith Agency had planned on creating a podcast over a year ago to serve as a creative outlet and fun internal project. In the last six months, we finally got around to it. We’ve recorded our first season and it’s ready to launch. Are you excited?

On this episode: Tom Burtless, Co-host and Senior Developer / Jared Threat, Co-host and Client Services Director / Gabriela Julia, Producer and Content Specialist

In this intro episode, you’ll get to know our two co-hosts, Tom and Jared, who will interview other members of Mr. Smith’s team as guests. We’ll be looking at design, tech, and other cultural trends through the lens of our agency. You’ll get to know our favorite brands, our least-favorite marketing strategies, and how we solve creative roadblocks.

You can listen to each episode on SoundCloud, Spotify, Google, and/or Apple or watch full videos of upcoming episodes on YouTube