200 Words: Shoveling

200 Words: Shoveling

200 Words: Shoveling

It’s morning already, but dark as night, cold as steel. Your alarm is alive, bleating obstinately. Slowly, with your eyes still clenched firmly shut, you reach out in the darkness. Silence. One breath, maybe two, then it’s feet on the floor. Momentum builds.

You enter the bathroom seeking the warm embrace of a hot shower. Rinse, lather, no repeat necessary. Towel dry, throw on clothes, and away you go.

Or so you thought.

Alas, in your foggy-eyed morning haste, you never looked outside to see the shimmering hellscape of freshly fallen snow. It’s to your knees at least, maybe the middle of your thigh, gathered in haphazard drifts drunkenly dotting the scene like frozen piles of misery.

You blink twice, frozen in the doorway, and then think, “Shit. I need to shovel.”

Winter, I love you, but honestly, sometimes you’re the worst. Early morning snow is a cruel reminder of our ultimate powerlessness. It’s the struggle, man. But if you’re going to live in this climate, you better be ready to get smacked in the face by Old Man Winter at any moment. It builds character, you know? So bite the frost-covered bullet and remember that summer’s coming up quick.

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