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October 11th, 2019

200 Words: Clutter

200 Words: Clutter Top Image

Forest green leaves grow into rusted orange crisps. Friday night concerts turn into football Sundays. Evening dinners under the sun become cozy meals under a dark, breezy sky. Seasons are changing, and with change, comes chaos.

Chaos doesn’t always mean complete hysteria. Chaos is confusion. Unpredictable behavior. The slightest bit of disarray that blurs our judgement. Chaos is clutter.

We usually don’t realize how chaotic our lives are at this time of year because our physical spaces are littered with stuff. Beach sandals. Hiking gear. Kids’ toys. A pile of last year’s bills stacked on the counter. Cabinets of food we won’t eat. Clothes that don’t fit. Books we probably won’t ever read. Yet we still feel forced to participate in the overwhelming holidays just to fill our homes with more food, more clothes, more stuff. 

We sometimes forget that physical clutter is also a mental mess. The two go hand in hand, which means you can’t clear one without clearing the other if you want a fresh start. 

Get organized. Clean up. Rinse off. 

And if this post doesn’t move you, maybe this will: We’re about to start a new decade. It’s time to get your sh*t together.