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November 15th, 2019

200 Words: Broken Bones

200 Words: Broken Bones Top Image

Collagen. Calcium phosphate. Phosphorous. 

[These are the things that my bones are made of] 

And they’re dependent on other muscles, tendons, and tissues…

Ligaments attach to the ends of bones to form joints. Joints connect each bone to the other. Fluid-filled sacs, called bursae, cushion the friction caused by the joints. And tendons attach to the muscles, controlling movement. This is just a small sampling of the oft-ignored intricacies that govern my body’s wellness and mobility.

And frankly, I just don’t spend much time thinking about the human anatomy or how this complex system of sciencey stuff relates to my physical abilities and limitations. 

It just is. It just does. Until it isn’t. Until it doesn’t. 

Until, like a careless child, I interrupt it. Until I am absorbed entirely in the present, and I’m doing something I just shouldn’t do. 

Blink once, and everything changes. The fun’s over. 

Turns out my body isn’t indestructible. When I push it too far, when I disregard its limitations, I’m painfully reminded of its vulnerability.

Muscles ache. Blood rushes and forms a large pool beneath the surface of my skin.

Resting. Elevating. Icing. Limping.

[These are the things that my days are made of]