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June 29th, 2015

200 Words: 4th of July

200 Words: 4th of July Top Image

That scene perfectly describes how I feel about the 4th of July. It’s one night a year that’s filled with wonder and possibility, bright lights and brighter emotions. It’s a holiday with no gifts or ceremonial meals. A 4th well-celebrated is a day where you gather your people close and enjoy some warm weather hijinks that help keep everyone’s hearts aglow when the snow starts flying again.

Oh, and you blow stuff up while painting the inky black sky with tendrils of blooming sparkly flame. So, yeah, that’s pretty cool too.

Of course, we should never forget that Independence Day, by definition, is our great nation’s birthday. As such, it’s certainly worthwhile to carve out some time to reflect on the hard-won freedoms that we’ve enjoyed for 239 years. But you needn’t dwell on that reflection. Unlike Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day (days explicitly designed to honor the men and women who protect us all), the 4th of July is meant as a celebration. Just ask Benny the Jet.