Famous Logos Reimagined in Hand Lettering

Sara Marshall, a New Zealand based designer, has made an beautiful set of pictures reimagining famous logos brands with a touch of hand written lettering.

Major brands such as Apple and Google have steered corporate graphic design towards a flat, minimalist style. Many other brands have shifted their brand identity to mirror these developments – think Starbucks or Shell. This trend has seen the imagery in many graphic design projects reduced to simple, iconic representations. Few colours are used, and they often employ the use of extensive negative space.

Alongside this minimalist movement, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of hand lettering that, in contrast to minimalist ideals, is characterised by imperfections, texture and embellishment.

Brand by Hand is intended as an intersection of these two trends by introducing the personal, hand-treated and flowery nature of hand lettering into the cold corporate world.

Check them out:

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